Turmeric Face Wash 150 ML
Turmeric Face Wash 150 ML
Turmeric Face Wash 150 ML
Turmeric Face Wash 150 ML
Turmeric Face Wash 150 ML
Turmeric Face Wash 150 ML
Turmeric Face Wash 150 ML

Turmeric Face Wash 150 ML

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  • Battles environmental toxins all day, offering deep natural care and protection.
  • Gently cleanses skin and improves skin texture.
  • Retains the natural balance of skin, keeping it refreshed.
  • One stop solution for pimple free, fairer, beautiful and glowing skin.
  • Eliminate pimples and clears your skin of impurities.
  • Anti pimple Face Wash will gives you pimple free, glowing skin.
  • Neem : Combats Pimples and Acne
  • Aloe Vera : Soothes and Moisturises Skin.
  • Turmeric : Protects from Infection and Allergies.
  • Manjistha : Enhance Skin texture by making it soft and smooth.
  • Lodhra : Powerful Healing Properties for a beautiful complexion.
  • Amaya : Protects skin from harsh, infection-causing pollutants.
Product Description

A natural solution for your pimple. Fast and Simple! This face wash for acne and pimples contains Aloevera and Turmeric. Enriched with Ayurvedic ingredients like Aloe Vera, Manjishtha, Lodhra and Amaya, our Anti Pimple Face Wash offers protection against external environmental toxins. Lodhra helps in improving skin complexion. Manjishtha enhances the texture of your skin. Our pimple-clear face wash is suitable for all skin types and lathers richly for a luxurious cleansing. Medimix’s new Face Wash range is crafted to give your skin the natural care it deserves. Get SkinFit with Fast Acting Ayurveda!

  • Free from paraben, nitrosamine, sulphate
  • Cruelty-free: We never, ever test our products on animals
  • 100% vegan: We don’t use any animal fat in our Ayurvedic formulation
How to Use

Step 1: Apply adequate amount on wet washed face & neck

Step 2: Massage in circular motion & let it stay for a few minutes

Step 3: Dampen skin, rinse thoroughly with water & pat dry

Use twice a day – morning and evening – to fight pimples & acne

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